About Moonshot Goal 6 Nagayama PJ

Moonshot Goal 6 R&D Project “Scalable and Robust Integrated Quantum Communication Systems

QITF Director Nagayama has been selected as the project manager of JST Moonshot R&D Program Goal 6, “Realization of an error-resistant general-purpose quantum computer by 2050 that will dramatically advance the economy, industry, and national security”. The name of the R&D project will be “Scalable and Robust Integrated Quantum Communication System”.

Outline of the R&D Project

In this project, we will build a testbed for a general-purpose quantum communication network, which is a key technology for distributed large-scale quantum computers, and integrate hardware and software to demonstrate the principles and technologies of communication architectures and protocols with a view to actual operation. The results of this project will lead not only to distributed large-scale quantum computers but also to the quantum Internet, and will contribute to the realization of a world in which quantum information can be freely generated, distributed, and processed.

List of Proposals and Proposal Promoters