The Quantum Internet is a future ICT infrastructure which is indispensable for the quantum-based era. Researchers have discovered critical applications such as quantum security, more precise clock synchronization, more accurate telescope, blind quantum computation, distributed quantum computation. Even more, there exist some communication problems in which communication complexity gets exponentially reduced. Quantum Internet is a field to maximize the power of quantum information over distance. We have to proceed R&D of Quantum Internet as next-generation infrastructure. Stable theoretical and experimental research will lead us to the new world.
There still exists a technical hurdle to overcome, called quantum repeater. Information communication technology is a collective field of multiple different areas -- physics, engineering, information theory, network theory, software engineering, etc. To realize the Quantum Internet, specialists in these fields have to cooperate to resolve the difficulties.
Therefore, we establish the task force for researchers, developers, supporters, and newcomers in various organizations and domains, to create Quantum Internet technologies, furthermore, industrial eco-system. Quantum Internet Task Force learns from the history of the current Intenet -- we value technical diverseness and interoperability. We place our goal to create a future IT society by the Quantum Internet.
Quantum Internet Task Force recruits partners to conduct R&D together and works on coordination and sharing of the basement of knowledge, acquirement, and the direction of the R&D of the whole layers of the Quantum Intenet. Through activities toward building a test-bed with full-layers, we undertake standardization and social commitments. To accelerate R&D, we proactively cooperate with domestic and global specialists, organizations, and communities of the current Internet.