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Purpose of Establishment

The Quantum Internet is an information and communication infrastructure that will support the coming quantum era, and is irreplaceable by other technologies. Important and promising applications in the information field and other fields, such as quantum security, ultra-accurate time synchronization, ultra-high precision of space telescopes, secret quantum computation, and distributed quantum computation, have been proposed, and it has also been found that there are problems that can be solved with exponentially small amount of communication compared to classical infrastracture. The Quantum Internet is the field that will make the most of the benefits of quantum information beyond space, and we must steadily promote research and development as a next-generation infrastructure. The world of benefits of the Quantum Internet is expanding beyond steady theoretical and experimental research.

While the benefits of the Quantum Internet are great, there are major hurdles to overcome in order to realize it, including the need to establish a technology known as quantum repeating. In addition, the field of information and communication is a collection of different technologies ranging from physics and engineering to information theory, network theory, software engineering and others. In order to realize the Quantum Internet, it is necessary to bring together experts in these fields and promote research and development through interdisciplinary cooperation in all fields to overcome the difficulties.

To this end, we are establishing a task force to coordinate the activities of researchers, developers, and supporters working in various institutions and domains, all of whom are aiming to establish and realize quantum Internet technology, as well as to create an industrial ecosystem. The Quantum Internet Task Force will take into account the history of the current Internet, and while valuing the diversity and interconnectedness of technologies, will aim to create a future information society based on the Quantum Internet through its activities.

The Quantum Internet Task Force will gather and collaborate with colleagues who can conduct research and development together to develop and disseminate a common knowledge base, and to compile the direction of research and development for all layers. We will also aim to create a testbed that includes all layers, and through this we will implement standardization and commitments to society. In promoting research and development, we will actively promote exchanges and collaborations with current Internet experts, R&D organizations, and overseas organizations.

Quantum Internet Whitepaper

For more details, readers are kindly referred to our whitepaper (Japanese).

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